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RPA in FS Market

Organising GDPR and Subject Access Request processes

With the recent GDPR changes, The Robot Exchange was contacted by a financial services client to help streamline their response to subject access requests or SARs. These SARs can now come in any media, such as direct messages or email which is challenging how these requests could  be quickly responded to, to capture but also, monitor progress against.

Looking at the whole GDPR process The Robot Exchange built a number of RPAs to assist;


SAR RPA – A number of robots that “listened” to both E-mail and Twitter/Facebook to identify a Subject Access Request forwarding to Compliance to confirm identity


After identity confirmed Search RPA logs into all source systems and identifies relevant data


All data is moved to a confidential folder for authorisation that data is relevant and applies relating to the GDPR process


Once approved, a RPA deletes all references (if requested and approved) or moves to a new processor

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