Financial Services Company – organising GDPR and Subject Access Request processes

With the upcoming GDPR enhancement on Data Protection, due on the 25th May, a loans company contacted The Robot Exchange to help streamline their current processes for Subject Access Requests. As background, the ability for customers or data subjects an organisation stores or processes has changed from the original handwritten request that the company has 42 days to respond to, the ability for data subjects to request in any manner (Twitter, FB, E-mail, Phone or written). In addition, the company now needs to respond to these requests as quickly as they can, rather than 42 days!

Looking at the whole GDPR process The Robot Exchange built a number of robots to assist;


SAR Robot – A number of robots that “listened” to both E-mail and Twitter/Facebook to identify a Subject Access Request forwarding to Compliance to confirm identity


After identity confirmed Search robot logs into all source systems and identifies relevant data


All data is moved to a confidential folder for authorisation that data is relevant and applies relating to the GDPR process


Once approved, a Robot deletes all references (if requested and approved) or moves to a new processor

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