The Robot Exchange


RPA Robots as a Service

Development and on-going support costs and tasks will be undertaken by The Robot Exchange completely. Reducing the need for any capital investment, the team will agree a cost saving per process amount and then agree to a % of that cost saving as payment per month. This is the most successful product for our clients that don’t want to or can’t create the capability or knowledge base within their own organisations. Based on our informationally secure AWS infrastructure and partnering with UIPath, try this innovative approach to cost effective and low maintenance robotics.

RPA Full Stack

Re-creating the AWS infrastructure within our clients network, developing the automation on-site and maintaining/supporting this dedicated infrastructure remotely.

RPA Hybrid

All robots developed by The Robot Exchange stay within your network, with the commands to start and stop being sent by the AWS infrastructure. This product is attractive to companies that have restrictions around secure connectivity and continues to take advantage of the efficiency around software licensing.

Have an idea or process we can help you with?

We can work with you to streamline your automated processes with both pre-written and custom Robots.