The Robot Exchange

RPA – Process Automation

The Robot Exchange deliver, with UIPath, RPA and process automation in a number of vertical industries, including Energy, Financial Services, Insurance and Social Housing Services. Take advantage of RPA as a service with reduced upfront capital costs and reduced on-going support and development costs. We have a number of engagement models that our clients have taken advantage of which include;

  • RPA On-Site delivery – Creating a standalone client owned and supported model. We will partner with the Client’s existing IT resources to hand over all knowledge and technical skill required to continue to provide RPA automation as a business benefit delivering process automations
  • RPA as a Service – our most successful model has our clients taking advantage of our hosted cloud infrastructure, remote support and remote development. This remote model is both more efficient for the client as well as being more environmentally friendly

The Robot Exchange are convinced there isn’t a client out there that wouldn’t benefit from delivering RPA as an alternative or additive to on-going IT Capital Investments. We will undertake RPA migration activities as well as on-going operational RPA Process Automations