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Cost effective delivery and support of RPA to the UK and Global Market

We have delivered cost effective RPA that undertakes GDPR utilising our partnership with UIPath. We are convinced that there isn’t a single process that can’t be automated.

The meaning of RPA, for us, is to quickly deliver RPA Applications that both elongate your current IT investments, but also, deliver innovations through software automation. We are a tech business that looks to integrate into API if appropriate and look to deliver AI and Machine Learning technology as we grow our relationship with our clients. 

Exciting new products RoboPortal and RoboApp launched. Create a client ecosystem quickly

Partners and Fundings

The Robot Exchange Limited has received support from Invest Northern Ireland under the European Union’s Investment for Growth and Jobs Programme.   Read more ..

The Meaning of RPA

Allow us to walk you through Process Automation Using UIPath Technology

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Attributes of Processes suitable for RPA
How our solution works

Being at the forefront of RPA development and delivery we look to drive innovative commercials outside of the normal. Our partnership with UIPath and wider ranging Alternative API options around process Automation allows us to drive immediate improvements in costs and quality

Our Products


Manage your business processes and integrate RPA using our SaaS CRM solution. GDPR monitoring and audit trails, through to Sales Process and Marketing activities are all in place for current clients

RPA – Process Automation

Software automation utilising UIPath technology. Intertwined with Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning innovations


Login and download self-configuring RPA Software automations that help both large and small enterprises to automate quickly. Robots as a Service or RaaS drives further cost efficiencies into your business


Check how suitable your process is for RPA automation by using our market leading scorecard

Benefits for Clients

Automate menial tasks quickly with limited IT Resource required

RPA will deliver a “single view of customer” utilising your existing applications

As with GDPR RPA, deliver consistency and auditability

Use RPA to extend legacy applications and drive innovation

Delivery of Process Automation will improve responsiveness and customer satisfaction

Deliver in weeks rather than months – RPA process automation is more controllable as a project

UK Industry’s move to RPA Digital Workforces

How we support our clients with their RPA Software Automations



  • Jointly identify processes using our scorecard
  • Process mapping
  • Support business case / ROI impact analysis

2-3 days / Free of charge onsite BA Automation


Automation readiness

  • Infrastructure design and implementation
  • Build the robots
  • Test and sign-off
  • Implement into live environment

1 month free trial


Next Steps

  • Capture automation programme through audit
  • Support processes in place
  • Platform upgrades

Free change days

3 options to deliver efficient automation

We have designed our commercials to reduce any capital investment requirements that may prevent our customers from deploying our solutions. These solutions come in 3 options;

To find out about our different solutions to your RPA requirements


“Deploying robots through The Robot Exchange allowed me to do two critical things. Firstly, I was able to automate menial tasks with no upfront investment required which helped improve the morale of my employees. 

Secondly, the efficiency we delivered, gave us some space to focus on both our existing customer service (reducing attrition) and also, focus on attracting more customers to our company’s  products”