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“Cost effective delivery of Robotic Automation, reducing costs, increasing efficiency and improving accuracy for the Medium to Large Sized Enterprise”

Reduce the capital investment costs of automation by engaging our Robots as a Service product

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  • Robots are rapidly becoming a critical part of the UK workforce. A recent study by PWC suggested that by the 2030’s around 1/3 of current jobs in the UK will be completed by Robots.
  • Robots have traditionally been associated with industrial production, but are increasingly being used to deliver back office admin processes. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) deploys software robots to transform organisational processes with their highly flexible and rapidly scalable technology.
  • Recognising its potential to automate processes quickly and effectively, The Robot Exchange helps companies to gain access to this exciting new technology without having to build internal capabilities.
  • Working with industry leading RPA and infrastructure providers, The Robot Exchange provide clients with a fully managed robotic automation solution, allowing you to benefit from a cost effective and risk free evaluation, implementation and on-going service.
  • Our solution allows you to ‘try before you buy’, leveraging our scale to realise the potential of robotic automation,to grow your business, improve customer service and “do more with less

Benefits for Clients

Errors reduced driving process consistency

Improved process timings and productivity

Deploy automation within weeks vs months

Errors reduced driving process consistency

Enhanced service delivery, driving happier customer

Robots work 24/7, 365 at the same performance level

How our solution works

At The Robot Exchange, our focus is on delivering robot automation for clients using our Robots as a Service (RaaS) model. This enables our clients to benefit from all the efficiencies of robotic automation technology without having to make the significant investment in skilled staff and licensing. We make that investment on behalf of all our clients so you pay less.

How we support our clients with their RPA journey



  • Jointly identify processes using our scorecard
  • Process mapping
  • Support business case / ROI impact analysis

2-3 days / Free of charge onsite BA Automation


Automation readiness

  • Infrastructure design and implementation
  • Build the robots
  • Test and sign-off
  • Implement into live environment

1 month free trial


Next Steps

  • Capture automation programme through audit
  • Support processes in place
  • Platform upgrades

Free change days

4 options to deliver efficient automation

The Robot Exchange has 3 products currently delivering automation to our client base;

  • Robotics as a Service (RaaS): A single infrastructure, supported and maintained by The Robot Exchange and based on AWS will run our clients processes. This solution utilises UiPath’s orchestrator product which schedules the automation in the most appropriate way delivering the required management information on success or exceptions.
  • Hybrid Robots: Creation of a range of robots that remain on the client’s network, the running and monitoring of these is done by The Robot Exchanges AWS Infrastructure.
  • On-Site Robots: Re-creating the AWS infrastructure within our clients network, developing the automation on-site and maintaining/supporting this dedicated infrastructure remotely.
  • Attended Robots: For smaller clients or as a taster, we are able to develop a machine specific robot that is able to run automated processes after being started by an employee.

RaaS is the most common, cost effective and supportable way to deliver robotic automation. However, we are flexible in our approach to best meet the requirements of our clients.

Have an idea or process we can help you with?

We can work with you to streamline your automated processes with both pre-written and custom Robots.

“Deploying robots through The Robot Exchange allowed me to do two critical things. Firstly, I was able to automate menial tasks with no upfront investment required which helped improve the morale of my employees. In addition, secondly, the efficiency we delivered, gave us some space to focus on both our existing customer service (reducing attrition) and also, focus on attracting more customers to our companies products”

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