The Robot Exchange Limited receives support from Invest Northern Ireland under EU Investment

The Robot Exchange Limited has received support from Invest Northern Ireland under the European Union’s Investment for Growth and Jobs Programme. The project, self-deploying process automation robots, will be implemented over the next year, performing research and development activities aimed at developing new products aligned with market demand and grow the customer base outside Northern Ireland.

“Creation of a range of self-configuring software robots will drive automation efficiencies to a larger range of clients making this technology more accessible to smaller enterprises, currently prevented from using due to the upfront costs” remarked CEO Andy Wallace

“Our commitment to Northern Ireland is matched by the support from Invest NI and the quality of technologists we’ve been able to attract so far”

“We hope to continue to benefit from our partnership with Invest NI while we, over the coming months, focus on accelerating this growth even further by expanding sales across industries and countries.”

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